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you are the night-time fear, you are the morning when it's clear

I never knew daylight could be so violent

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Name:Shadow "Sandy" Clark
On the surface, Shadow Clark is a sweet and quick-witted young woman with a classy style and a somewhat unusual name. ("My mom was young and, according to her, poetic... But 'Sandy' works too, if you find it less cringe-worthy. Some don't.") Twenty-four and apparently quite content in her job assisting her two uncles (domestic partners, not brothers) in their family-owned little bakery in San Francisco, she's rarely seen without a smile on her face. But, truth be told, it's all a bit of a charade. She holds a secret responsibility that weighs heavy on her heart.

Unbeknownst to most, she hides a secret gift she's had since childhood - the ability to walk among others' dreams. Or, to be more specific, their nightmares. It's purpose is to keep an entity known as True Darkness inside the nightmare realm they inhabit. They feed off human fear and, without the presence of nightmares, would slip into the daylight world to satisfy their appetites. One of several chosen over the centuries, Shadow's job is to coax people's dreams into nightmares to keep the entities fed. It's not a pleasant or pretty job... But, unfortunately, it is necessary.

An original role play character, background/story all by moi.
PB is Alison Lohman, icons specifically from Drag Me To Hell.

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